Friday, June 6, 2008

First! (English)

Okay, time to start the hot rats blog. For the first blog, I`m going to talk about the first song we wrote, `Ghost House`. The song is a true story... well, it has some truth in it. Also, the day that the song is about is the first time Taishiro and I considered forming a band.
That day was the day of my university`s legendary "Rainbow Club" had its trip to the amusement park, FujiQ. When we arrived at FujiQ, we split into smaller groups, and chose freely what to do. I had heard stories about the FujiQ ghost house being amazing (Not to mention based on the game, resident evil) and I begged my group again and again to go to the ghost house, like a complete baby.
Perhapse becuase we where constantly "joshing" and joking, the Ghost house was not particularly scary, but it certainly was fun. The only real shock came halfway through, when we came accross a miserable looking girl, standing alone in the corridor. At first I assume she was either one of the acts, or was waiting for someone so I did not say anything. However, as we passed her it became obvious that she was in some distress, so I asked her what the matter was. She explained that she had got to scared to go on (!) and her friends had gone on without out her. So promising her that it was not scary if she was with us, we had her join us, and doubled our piss-taking efforts in order to cheer her up.
Okay, confession time! I thought this girl was cute. I suppose I`m a sucker for a "damsell in distress". So I`d thought I`d try chatting to her after we got out... but in the end I didn`t sum up the courage, and she disapeared looking for her friends. When, on the bus home one of my friends made the obvious joke "She was a ghost" I remembered a brilliant Japanese film called "Ugetsu" about falling for a ghost, and reckoned that the story could make an interesting song.

By the way, there are text files on the dowload page with translations of the lyrics - click where it says "歌集"